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African Rock Python

African Rock Python

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Scientific Name:

Python sebae


Sub-Saharan Africa


Carnivore. Rodents and larger mammals such as monkeys, antelopes and livestock, crocodiles, large lizards and sometimes fish.


Habitat: Evergreen forests or moist, open savannahs, rocky areas, rivers and lakes.


Incubation: 20-50 eggs,  2-3 months incubation.


Social structure: Solitary


Weight: 44-55kg


Dimensions: 3-5m


Lifespan: 30yrs max under human care


IUCN Status: Not evaluated


Estimated population in the wild: Unknown


Threats: Their population has declined due to reduction of available prey animals and hunting for its meat and skin.


Did you know that:

It is the largest African snake
They can swim well and can stay submerged for a long time
Because of their long digestion periods, a python may become vulnerable to predators such as hyenas or African wild dogs.

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