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African Spurred Tortoise

African Spurred Tortoise

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Scientific Name:

Centrochelys sulcata


Central Africa, from West to East.


Herbivore. Grasses, succulent plants.


Habitat: Desert fringes to dry savannahs


Incubation: 15-30 eggs, incubation 8 months


Social structure: Solitary


Weight: 105kg


Dimensions: 83cm


Lifespan: ~54 years


IUCN Status: Vulnerable


Estimated population in the wild: Unknown


Threats: Habitat loss due to urbanisation, overgrazing by domestic livestock and desertification, hunting by local tribes for food, international trade as pets or to make longevity potions in Japan. 


Did you know that:

It is the biggest tortoise of the African mainland and the 3rd largest of the world.

During the dry season, they retire into burrows of up to 3.5m depth which they excavate with their forelimbs.

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