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Chattering Lory

Chattering Lory

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Scientific Name:

Lorius garrulus


North Maluku, Indonesia


Pollen, fruit, nectar, flowers.


Habitat:  Mountain forest, gardens, coconut plantations.


Incubation: 25 days, 2 eggs

Social structure: in pairs

Weight: 180-250g

Dimensions:  30cm

Lifespan: 20 under human care

Estimated population in the wild: 46,000-295,000

IUCN Status: Vulnerable

Threats:  Trapping for the cage-bird trade, reduction of nesting trees due to intensive logging.

Did you know that:

  1. Their name comes from their habit to "chatter" all day.
  2. They typically nest in holes 20 to 25 meters up in very tall trees.
  3. They are extremely intelligent and have a wonderful ability to mimic sounds and voices.

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