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Leopard snake

Leopard snake

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Scientific Name:

Zamenis situla


Italy, Malta, SE Europe, Turkey, Crimean peninsula.


Carnivore. Rodents, nestlings and lizards.


Habitat: Scrubland, rocks, river & marsh edges, farmhouses up to 1600m altitude.


Incubation: 60-81 days, 2-8 eggs


Social structure: Solitary  


Dimensions: 1,2m max


Lifespan: 15 in the wild, max 25 in human care


IUCN Status: Least Concern


Estimated population in the wild: Unknown


Threats: Pet trade, locally habitat loss due to intensification of agriculture.


Did you know that:

It is considered the most beautiful snake of Greece. It is widely distributed in the mainland, Peloponnese and most islands.
The Greek common name "House Snake" is said to derive from the Cyclades where in some places people would introduce it to their storage areas as rodent control.
It is totally harmless but people mistake it for a viper and kill it.
Diurnal snake that avoids high temperatures. Carefully moves among stones and vegetation and often climbs onto bushes and rocks.


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