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Scientific Name:

Lama glama


Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina.


Herbivore. Low shrubs, lichens, grasses, roots, tubers.


Habitat:  Andean highlands with low vegetation

Gestation: 340-360 days, 1 young, rarely twins.

Social structure: Groups of up to 20 individuals with 1 male and several females and their offspring, solitary males.

Weight: 110-220 kg.

Dimensions: length: 180-229 cm, Height: 102-106cm

Estimated population: ~3,000,000

Lifespan: 15 -25

Threats: As a domesticated animal, the species is not threatened.

IUCN Status: Not Evaluated

Did you know that:

  1. The Llama was selectively bred from the Guanaco for use as a pack animal and producer of meat. It is a domesticated animal.
  2. Their pelage can be white, black or brown with a tendency for spots and irregular color patterns.
  3. They are aggressive towards predators and have been reported charging, kicking, biting, and spitting at those they deem a threat.
  4. They tend to adopt sheep into the family group and defend them as if they were llamas. For this reason they are commonly used as guard animals for sheep, goats and horses.

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