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Northern Helmeted Curassow

Northern Helmeted Curassow

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Scientific Name:

Pauxi pauxi


W Venezuela, N Colombia


Mainly fallen fruits and seeds, also tender leaves and buds.


Habitat: Dense, wet, cool, montane forests.

Incubation: 34-36 days / 2 eggs


Social structure: Pairs or family groups of up to 6


Weight: male 3.7kl, female 2.6kg

Dimensions: 85-92cm

Estimated population in the wild: 1,500-4,000.

Lifespan: ~24

Threats: Deforestation, hunting for food or for its head casque that is used by the natives in necklaces.

IUCN Status: Endangered

Did you know that:

They have an unusual courtship ritual. The male will pick up a piece of food, and call to the female. If she comes, and takes the food then he is accepted.

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