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Southern screamer

Southern screamer

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Scientific Name:

Chauna torquata


Bolivia, S Brazil to C Argentina, SE Peru.


Mainly vegetarian. Aquatic plants, seeds, leaves, roots and stems of vegetables and other crops, limited amount of insects.


Habitat:  Tropical or subtropical wetlands, agricultural land.

Incubation: 42-46 days / 2-7 eggs

Social structure: Pairs (during breeding period) or large flocks of up to 100 birds

Weight: 4400gr max

Dimensions: 80-95cm

Lifespan: ~15

Estimated population in the wild: unknown, stable.

Threats: There are no major threats to this species.

IUCN Status: Least concern

Did you know that:

  1. Their name comes from its extremely loud scream which can be heard as far as 3kms away.
  2. They establish monogamous relationships that last several years or possibly for the pair's lifetime.
  3. Local people may capture young screamers to raise them with domestic chickens, which the screamers eagerly defend against predators!


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