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Scientific Name:

Bos taurus indicus


S. Asia


Herbivore. Grass.


Habitat: Tropical forest, jungle, wetlands, swamps and open grasslands

Dimensions: 86-106cm

Weight: max 270kg

Gestation: 285 days, 1-2 young

Lifespan: ~20 years

Social structure: Herds of one male and several females

Estimated population: 270 million in India

Status: domesticated

Threats: There are no major threats. There are currently millions of Zebu in India, USA and Brazil due to cattle breeding and there also exist many different breeds.


Did you know that:
It has as distinctive hump on its upper back, drooping ears and a large flap of skin below its jaw.
Due to very efficient sweat glands, it can easily adapt to hot climates.
It is one of the smallest breeds of cow in the world reaching a height of just over a meter. 
In India it is considered a sacred animal and  used as a draft animal and for producing milk.

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