365 Days | From 9am till sunset

Full Moon at the Zoo! 29.06, 27.07, 24.08

Attica Zoological Park is dressed in silver under the Full Moon!


No matter how many times you have seen the full moon, you will never get used to its beauty! We are waiting for all of you on Friday, June 29, July 27 and August 24, to get lost in the majestic light of the moon together with our beloved animals!


In the diffused romance, we have added a playful and educational touch, creating a program that will get you all excited! You will have the chance to get acquainted with the animals through interactive programs, learn the secrets of wildlife through fun games and enjoy your time with family and friends in the Park, under the glorious Silver Moon!



Full Moon in Attica Zoological Park:


Friday 29/06

Start time: 17:30



Falconer Educational Presentation



Arts&Crafts in front of the "Birds of the Indonesian"



Animal feedings


         18:00   White Rhinoceros

        18:15   Ring tailed lemur

                     18:30   Giant tortoises & Snakes

18:45       Penguins

 19:00          Giraffes

     19:15          Elephants



 Live music by the saxophonist Harris Athanasopoulos In the area in front of the sea mammals



Dolphin Educational Presentation


…. and the ZooCafe will remain open until 22:00!


All the activities listed above are included in the purchase of your day ticket, except for the dinner at the Zoocafe. 


Fridays of Summer 2018 become even more exciting!