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Sunday concert by Burger Project! 14/10

Sunday concert by Burger Project

in Attica Zoological Park!


Sunday 14 October


Let's get together and enjoy a music concert that will put a smile on the faces of young and old as well as educational programmes that will let you learn all about the animals!


The music band Burger Project will join us on Sunday 14th of October and will give a unique performance full of music, dancing and interactive games!



Sunday's programme:


Burger Project 12:00-13:15


Chimpanzees  13:30


Jaguar       13:30


Activities/Arts & Crafts at Education Center and Silent forest kiosk  13:30-16:00


Elephants 14:00


African Penguins 14:00


“Birds of Prey” Educational programme 14:15


Wolves    14:30


   Bears     15:00   


Snakes   15:15


Lemurs  15:45


Rhinos   16:00


Capuchin monkey 16:45


Macaws       17:00


Marine Mammal’s Educational program 17:00




We are waiting for you!