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Problem solved!

Capital Controls bite Attica Park

Crisis hites feed imports

15 years Attica Zoological Park

Let`s celebrate

King Vultures at the Park

A male and a female

Αctivities at the Park on 1-3 May

origami,comics,shoes and many more

Ηave a safe trip back home

after 22 years

Βirth of Skyrian Horse

on April 19

Celebrate with us the Ζoo Lovers day

Αpril 8

The Park dressed in white!

Today the Park is dressed in white!

World Animal Day at Attica Park

Saturday 4 October with various activities

Χmas with the Animals of the Park

During the holiday season the Attica Zoological Park maintains the Christmas spirit and invite

Νew Born Hippo

Born the first day of November

Reptiles' weekend

variety of reptile acivities!

Attica Park honours educators

Free entrance on 19-20October

Ιnternational Award for our DVD

Documentary Award

Αttica Park celebrates World Animal Day

Free entrance for every child at marine mammals section

Spyrakos at Attica Zoological Park

Α fantastic interactive book

Βaby Boas at the Park

14 boa constrictors

The grand Lady of Attica Zoological Park passed away.

at the advanced age of 33

Akinta meets with his parents

Οur 3 months old lion

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