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EAZA Silent Forest Campaign



Songbirds in Asia are in crisis.  They are threatened with extinction due to excessive and strongly cultural rooted consumption of wild songbirds for trade, songbird competitions, pets, export, traditional medicine and food. This campaign aims to save a growing number of songbirds by increasing knowledge, awareness and commitment to do action within and beyond the zoo community.  In the region, millions of birds are annually affected.  The trade is often illegal and unsustainable and has been recognized as a primary threat for many species.  In Indonesia alone, a very high number of bird species are threatened with global extinction, as assessed by the IUCN Red List.  Attica Zoological Park is actively participating in the "Silent Forest" campaign for the songbird crisis in Asia by raising awareness but also by fundraising to directly support in-the-field projects to save a growing number of songbird species from imminent extinction.   We can act now, before the forests fall silent forever.  Don't be silent - please join the campaign. 


Photo from the summer event for the purposes of the campaign.




The songbird crisis in Greece

Greece is also a country rich in biodiversity and this includes many species of songbirds such as the Skylark, the European Robin and Song-thrush.  A recent study investigating the capture of wild birds in our region indicates that approximately 700,000 birds are captured annually in our own country.  The illegal capture includes that of songbirds aimed for the pet trade.




Pole To Pole


Every year EAZA organizes campaigns for the protection of endangered species. This year, 2015, Attica Zoological Park along with other key European zoological parks and aquariums and in collaboration with Arctic Action Teams (AAT) and other partners, joins forces and launches an awareness campaign toward the preservation of biodiversity that is threatened by climate change at the Poles and all over the Planet.

Together, our small actions make a big difference.



Ηelp in halting climate change by pulling the plug of electronic devices when not in use.



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