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Electronic Communications
When visiting www.atticapark.com or sending e-mails, you communicate with www.atticapark.com in an electronic way. You therefore accept the right of www.atticapark.com, correspondingly, to contact you in an electronic way. You agree beforehand that these electronic communications and the information circulated through them, satisfy the legal requirements and rules in force regarding the exchange of such communications in written form.

Intellectual Rights
The overall content of www.atticapark.com, such as, indicatively and not exclusively, texts, graphics, trademarks, images (regardless of features), digital files and software, are the exclusive ownership of webpage www.atticapark.com or of the content provides who are cooperating with the webpage, and is protected by the Greek and International laws on the protection of intellectual rights. Any indirect use of the webpage and of its contents, to benefit another business, commercial or not, without the written consent of the Attica Zoological Park, is forbidden.

Permit of Use and Access to the Webpage
The Attica Zoological Park provides a limited permit for access to and the use of webpage www.atticapark.com, to communicate with the company. The visitors of www.atticapark.com retain a limited, revocable, and non exclusive right to create a hyperlink to the main page www.atticapark.com on a net location they own, provided that this hyperlink does not describe Attica Zoological Park or its services in a false, degrading or otherwise unpleasant way. Any non-competent use interrupts the permit of use or access granted by www.atticapark.com.

Disclaimer from the use of the Webpage
The www.atticapark.com webpage is provided by the Attica Zoological Park “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE”. www.atticapark.com does not carry out any representation or authorisation of any kind, express or entailed for the information, content and material provided therein. For this reason, the users of the webpage agree to use it at their own responsibility. The Attica Zoological Park does not guarantee that the www.atticapark.com webpage, the servers or the e-mails sent by www.atticapark.com do not contain viruses or other harmful elements. The Attica Zoological Park bears no responsibility for destructions of any form that may take place from the use of the webpage including, but not restricted to, direct, indirect, accidental, coincidental and entailed.

Right to Changes
www.atticapark.com retains the right to make any changes to the On-Line Shop, its commercial policy and the Terms of Use any time it deems necessary.

Applicable Law - Disputes
The visitors of the www.atticapark.com webpage automatically agree that these Terms of Use are subject to the Laws of the Greek State regarding any dispute that may turn up between the users and the www.atticapark.com webpage, and, subsequently, the Attica Zoological Park. In any disagreement that relates in any way with the use of the www.atticapark.com webpage or with the services provided through it, at first an effort will be made to solve it extrajudicially. In case this resolution is not achieved the disputes and relevant issues shall be resolved in the relevant Athens Courts.