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Six vultures return to the Cretan mountains

Six months ago, 3 young Cretan vultures (Gyps fulvus) arrived at our Park, after having been taken care of in the Rehabilitation Center of ANIMA, where they had arrived exhausted or poisoned. During their stay in our premises they were able to regain strength and reinforce their social behaviour, so as to be reintroduced successfully in the wild.



On the 19 of November, a team from Attica Zoological Park, in collaboration with ANIMA and the National History Museum

of the University of Crete, travelled to the Lasithi Range in Crete, where 6 vultures were successfully released. 3 from AZP and

another 3 from ANIMA's Rehabilitation Center.



We would like to thank ANIMA and the National History Museum for their excellent continuous cooperation.