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In May 2001, the Attica Zoological Park became a member of EAZA, the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria.

The object of the association is to promote co-operation for the furtherance of wildlife conservation through breeding programmes, and to encourage education, in particular environmental education, through the presentation and conservation of wildlife, as well as scientific study.


EAZA members are regularly controlled to make sure standards are being kept according to the Association’s “Code of Ethics” and “Code of Management Practices”. EAZA is the largest regional zoo and aquarium association in the world. However, until today, only ~410 zoos and aquaria in Europe, out of a total of over 1.500 have been approved.
2831 species in our zoo are monitored by ESBs (European Studbooks), as well as other sophisticated methods such as Species360 (International Species Information System).


EEPs are the most intensive type of population management for a species kept in EAZA zoos, and they include the most endangered animals. On the other hand, ESBs are less intensive.

The goal of both programmes is the demographic and genetic analysis of the endangered species, as well as the correct species management.

Get more info about EAZA's goals and actions, through the following video which was produced to celebrate 2010 International Year of Biodiversity: