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Attica Zoological Park is the only zoological park in Greece. It is a member of EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquariums) and EAMA (European Marine Mammals Association), and as a member it adheres to all the strict standards required for animal welfare.


The aim of Attica Zoological Park is both to educate and entertain the public. Informing the public about the animal kingdom, as well as working for the conservation and reproduction of threatened species - about 30% of the Park's animals are rare or even endangered - are key objectives of the Park.


The Attic Zoological Park recognizes that the conservation of wildlife and its daily activities can create environmental impacts, particularly in the fields of waste generation, water use and energy consumption. In order to minimize the above environmental impacts, it undertakes to use the Best Available Techniques each time to support the principles of sustainable development. In particular, Attica Zoological Park is committed to:


1. Continuously improve its environmental performance in relation to its activities, products and services.

2. Comply with current legislation and zoo-related standards.

3. Constantly review all its activities, products and services to identify, quantitate and assess their environmental impacts.

4. Monitor, prevent and limit any adverse effects of its operation on the environment and the local community.

5. Demonstrate its effectiveness in the use of energy, water and natural resources.

6. Limit waste through reuse and recycling, wherever possible.

7. Develop appropriate emergency plans for contingencies, in order to minimize their environmental impact.

8. Educate its staff to raise awareness of relevant environmental issues and ensure effective management of environmental impacts.

9. Continuously develop educational programs for visitors to understand environmental issues and principles of sustainable development.

10. Communicate its environmental policy to all those directly related to it, including staff, volunteers, visitors, suppliers, contractors, competent authorities, local communities and other relevant organizations.



The management of Attica Zoological Park