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Zoo Camps

Zoo camp at the Attica Zoological Park is a unique adventure for children (6-12y) and teens (12-18y). They have the opportunity to learn about wildlife and natural habitats by doing various fun activities outdoors, as well as in the Education Center.  Participants should have with them a change of clothes, a re-usable water bottle, a packed lunch, hat, sunblock and to be wearing comfortable clothes and shoes.



Zoo Camps (9.00-15.00)


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July 01-05 08-12 15-19 22-26
August 29/07-02/08      


See the Easter program here



Participation Cost


Weekly Participation: 200 euro per child, 180 euro for the first sibling and for annual card members the cost is €180.

For June and July zoo camp sessions, weekly attedance is necessary.



For the Registration

  1. For prebooking, fill in and send the application form
  2. Summer Zoo Camp Deadlines: Due to high demand, it's necessary to book your place two weeks before the beggining of each camp

  3. The registration is completed upon purchase of the place via e-ticketing.


Refund Policy

Once the place is purchased and up to 2 weeks before the start of the program, 100% of the balance can be returned in case of cancellation (written request must be sent to education@atticapark.gr). If the cancellation is requested 1 week before the start of the program, the refund is 50%. There can be no refund after the start of the program unless there is a reference to a medical condition accompanied by a letter from a doctor. 



Terms and Conditions

  • The programs will take place on the given dates only when the minimum amount of participants is completed. The minimum amount of children is 10 and the maximun 30. see above rules and regulations
  • For June and July zoo camps, weekly attedance is necessary unless stated otherwise, where you may book as many days as you wish.
  • Attica Park does not provide transportation for the participants thus it is the parents’ responsibility to bring them and pick them up from the Park.
  • The children take two food breaks during the day. We provide a snack, juice and water, so please provide your child with lunch. Otherwise, they may purchase food and drinks from the Park’s cafeteria.  They should have a hat, sunblock, reusable water bottle, a change of clothes in case they get wet or dirty and they should wear comfortable shoes and clothes. 


For other information please call at 210 6634724-5 or email education@atticapark.gr