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Saving the Komodo Dragon

KOMODO SURVIVAL PROGRAM (KSP) is an Indonesian-based non-profit organization established on 9 March 2007. The organization has the mission to provide sound information on wildlife biology to help devising management and conservation plans for the Komodo dragon and its natural habitat.

KSP also helps developing local expertise for improving general knowledge on the biology of this endangered species providing support for the following tasks:

• Acquisition of quantitative data on the biology, ecology, and conservation status of the Komodo dragon, its natural habitat and the biodiversity included in the species’ range;
• Development of local expertise for conducting scientific monitoring, management and conservation of Komodo dragon populations, and their habitat.
• Raising awareness of the local communities and support, in order to involve them in conservation and monitoring activities of the Komodo Dragon population.

Αttica Zoological Park supports the Komodo Survival Program, for the conservation of these magnificent Dragons.