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Family Activities

Unique Encounters for our Visitors!


The Attica Zoological Park now offers a suite of new hands-on programs for our visitors with the aim of raising awareness. Check out the programs below, especially designed to bring you even closer to the animals you love.



"Falconer" experience

Age of participants: for adults

  • Duration: 3 hour session
  • Cost: 45€ per annual card member, 50€ per non-member (includes price of entrance to the Park)
  • Maximum number of participants: 6, Minimum number: 4


Falconry is the craft of hunting wild game for food with trained Birds of Prey. It originated in central Asia more than 4000 years ago and became popular in medieval Europe sometimes being referred to as "the sport of kings" because of its association with the ruling classes of these early societies. Hunting using trained birds has died out but Falconry as a skilled activity within the context of wildlife sustainability continues with certain dedicated practitioners. This is your chance to be introduced to the art of Falconry including its history, basic biology and behavior of Birds of Prey, as well as threats they face in the wild, and all aspects of looking after the birds including training, equipping, feeding and flying as well as the importance of proper weight management and adequate diet. Participants will make their own jesses to keep, will each get a certificate and a commemorative photo. More advanced Falconer Experience sessions will be available upon demand for those that complete the Introductory course.


"Farm Animal Keeper" experience

Age of participants: from 8 years old and above

  • Duration: 2 hour session
  • Cost: 30€ per annual card member, 35€ per non-member (includes price of entrance to the Park)
  • Maximum number of participants: 6, Minimum number: 4


This is an ideal program for families or groups that are interested in learning more about Farm Animals.  As a junior keeper in training you will work alongside our Farm Keeper to learn about the welfare of farm animals such as the rabbit, goat, pony and others, their basic biology and behaviour as well as what they eat. Participants will each get a certificate of participation!


"Birds of Prey" encounters

Age of participants: all ages

  • Duration: 1.5 hour session
  • Cost: 35€ per annual card member, 40€ per non-member (includes price of entrance to the Park)
  • Maximum number of participants: 10 (a min of 6 participants is required)


Getting up close to a Bird of Prey is a magnificent experience. Participants will get a private interactive tour of the Birds of Prey we host at our Park followed by a behind-the-scenes look into the art of Falconry where they will get to meet up close various birds of prey and learn about their very special characteristics. All participants get a certificate and a commemorative photo.


Interactive program “Meet the Animals at the Park”

Age of participants : 5 years old and above

  • Duration: 1 hour or more
  • Cost: 60 euro/hour, for 1 education officer, 30 euro/hour, for every additional education officer (does not include the entrance fee to the Park)
  • Participation: Up to 30 children. Please note that our education officers will NOT be responsible for the children when parents participate in the program.
  • This program can also be offered to individuals and families.


In this program, participants have close encounters with several species (e.g., giraffes, giant tortoises and other reptiles) hosted in our Park and have the chance to feed some of them.


TIMES/DATES: Please call in advance (at least one week) to make your booking.


For booking call : 210-6634724 (x201) or 695 1689337 or send an e-mail education@atticapark.gr