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African Pygmy Goat

African Pygmy Goat

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Scientific Name:

Capra aegagrus hircus


Western Africa


Herbivore. Grasses and shrubs.


Habitat: Originally African grasslands and semi-desert areas, but now are domesticated and live mostly on farms

Dimensions: height 40-50cm

Weight: 15- 25kg

Gestation: 150 days, 2-4 young

Lifespan: 15-20 years under human care

Social structure: highly social

IUCN Status: Not evaluated

Threats: There are no threats to this species.

Did you know that:

Smell is a very important sense for goats. Through the smell of urine  they identify the reproductive status of other goats. They also secrete smell signals via pedal glands and a tail gland. The mother can recognize her new-born kids through smell.

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