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Asian Azure-winged Magpie

Asian Azure-winged Magpie

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Scientific Name:

Cyanopica cyanus


NW Mongolia east to SE Russia, N & E China, C Japan, Korea.


Omnivore. Insects and their larvae, fruits, berries, nuts, spiders, carrion.


Habitat:  Thickets with large mature deciduous trees on riverine island, parks, gardens.

Incubation: 15-16 days / 5-8 eggs

Social structure: Small or large flocks of up to 100 birds.

Weight: male 118g max, female 112g max

Dimensions: 36-38cm  


Lifespan:  ~15

Estimated population in the wild: widespread and locally common


Threats: There are no major threats to this species.

IUCN Status: Least Concern

Did you know that:

  1. They store food items, mostly acorns and pine seeds, in caches in loose soil.
  2. Last year's offspring help the parents to feed the nestlings.

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