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Bateleur Eagle

Bateleur Eagle

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Scientific Name:

Terathopius ecaudatus


Africa, widespread south of the savannah desert , west to Cameroon and east into southwest Arabia.


Small antelopes, mice, hedgehogs, hare, squirrels, birds, snakes, lizards, carrion


Habitat: grassland, acacia-bush-tree savannah


Incubation: 52-59 days, 1 egg per season

Social structure: solitary, pairs or sometimes in groups of over 20 individuals

Weight: max 2,9 kg


Dimensions:  length: max 70cm, wingspan: max 1,8 m

Lifespan: 20-25 years in the wild, up to 55 years under human care

IUCN Status: Near threatened

Estimated population in the wild: 10.000-100.000, decreasing

Threats: hunting and poisoning, persecution, nest disturbances, habitat loss

Did you know that:

  1. Flying relatively low, this species scans the ground for signs of food and, when sighted, it descends in a tight spiral to investigate.
  2. The Bateleur’s courtship is spectacular and involves the male diving down upon the female while in flight and making incredibly loud wing claps, audible over a great distance.
  3. Only 2% of the chicks make it to adulthood.
  4. The Bateleur’s short tail allows it to rock side to side in flight, while it is rapidly soaring. Its name Bateleur means “tight-rope walker”.
  5. Bateleur eagles can soar over great distances (more than 200 km) in search of food.

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