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Blue Eared Pheasant

Blue Eared Pheasant

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Scientific Name:

Crossoptilon auritum


C & NC China.


Mainly herbivore. Buds, leaves, stems, roots, berries, herbs, seeds, beetles.


Habitat: Coniferous and mixed forests, scrub on alpine meadows.

Incubation: 24-28 days / 5-12 eggs

Social structure: small or large groups

Weight: male 2110g max, female 1880g max

Dimensions: 96cm

Lifespan:  12-15

Estimated population in the wild: Common

Threats:  There are no major threats to this species.

IUCN Status: Least concern

Did you know that:
Females look alike male, but are slightly smaller and lack spurs.

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