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Brahminy Starling

Brahminy Starling

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Scientific Name:

Sturnus pagodarum


Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka.


Omnivore. Insects (grasshoppers, crickets, earwigs, cockroaches, termites, bugs, butterflies, moths and their caterpillars, flies, ants, bees) and other invertebrates (spiders, snails), fruits (including figs) and berries, nectar from flowers.


Habitat:   Open deciduous forest, cultivations, scrub, near human habitation.

Incubation: 12 days / 3-5 eggs

Social structure: Pairs, small or large groups

Weight: 40-54g

Dimensions: 20cm  


Lifespan:  15-20 based on other starling species


Estimated population in the wild: Locally common

Threats: Habitat destruction and capture for the pet trade.

IUCN Status: Least Concern

Did you know that:
The name of the Brahminy starling comes from the similarity of the bird's head and neck crest to the Brahmin hairstyle of some Hindus and their habit to perch on temple Pagodas.

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