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Common Ostrich

Common Ostrich

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Scientific Name:

Struthio camelus


West to East Africa South of the Sahara, South Africa


Mainly herbivore. Grasses, seeds, leaves, succulent plants, insects and small vertebrates.


Habitat: Desert to savanna, open woodland.

Incubation: 42-46 days / 2-11 eggs

Social structure: groups of 5-50 birds with a dominant pair.

Weight: male 100-156kg, female 90-110kg

Dimensions: height male 210-275cm, female 175-190cm

Lifespan: 40

Estimated population in the wild: Frequent to abundant

Threats: Habitat destruction, egg collection, hunting for their meat and skin.

IUCN Status: Least concern

Did you know that:

  1. Their egg is the largest in the world, ~16cm and 1.5kg with a 2mm thick shell and is equivalent to 24 chicken eggs.
  2. Adult birds can kill a lion with a kick.
  3. It can reach up to 70km per hour.
  4. It’s brain is about the size its eyeball, which is ~5cm.

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