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Reticulated Python

Reticulated Python

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Scientific Name:

Malayopython reticulatus


SE Asia and W Bangladesh to SE Vietnam and on the Indo-Pacific islands W of New Guinea.


Carnivore. Birds and mammals such as bats, tree shrews, deer and even sun bears and wildboars.


Habitat: Rainforest, woodland, grasslands, close to water sources.


Incubation: 25-50 eggs,  2-3 months incubation.


Social structure: Solitary


Weight: ~150kg


Dimensions: 9m max


Lifespan: 32yrs max under human care, 23 max in the wild


IUCN Status: Least Concern


Estimated population in the wild: Unknown


Threats: Hunting for its meat, skin and traditional medicine and the pet trade. Being the world's longest snake, they are also often persecuted out of fear.


Did you know that:

It is the longest species of snake in the world growing up to 9m long.
It is an excellent swimmer and it has even been reported far out at sea and has consequently colonized many small islands within its range. It uses the water as a protective camouflage to hide before ambushing prey.

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