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European Wildcat

European Wildcat

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Scientific Name:

Felis silvestris silvestris


Europe, Scotland, Turkey and the Caucasus.


Carnivore. Rodents and lagomorphs, also birds and sometimes carrion.


Habitat:  Forest, scrubland, riparian forest, marsh boundaries and along sea coasts.

Gestation: 56-65 days, 2-3 kittens (max 5)

Social structure: Solitary

Weight: males ~3-7kg, females ~2-5kg

Dimensions:  males 55 - 66 cm, females 47-58 cm

Lifespan: ~15yrs

Estimated population in the wild: Unknown

IUCN Status: Least concern

Threats:  Hybridization with domestic cats, road kills, bycatch killings due rodent poisoning measures.

Did you know that:
The relatively long limbs, long tail and long body distinguish the wild cat from its domestic relatives.
In Greece we meet them throughout mainland Greece and there are testimonies of their existence in Peloponnesus. They have also been recorded in Parnitha from cameras recording the presence of wolf.

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