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Fallow deer

Fallow deer

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Scientific Name:

Dama dama


Most of Europe, introduced into many parts of the world


Ηerbivorous. Grass, herbs, leaves and buds of shrubs and trees.


Habitat:  Forests, grasslands

Social structure: Solitary adult males, bachelor herds of fewer than 6 animals, female groups of 7-14 animals.

Weight: males 50-80kg, females 35-50kg.

Dimensions: height: 70-95cm, length: 1.3-1.5m

Estimated population in the wild: unknown

Lifespan: ~25

Threats: There are on major threats to this species in Europe. In it’s native range, the Rhodian population is at risk form poaching and from the incidence of large fires, and in Turkey from inbreeding and hunting.

IUCN Status: Least concern

Did you know that:

  1. Original populations of Fallow Deer are found only in Rhodes, Greece (with 400-800 individuals) and Turkey while other populations around the world have been introduced.
  2. It is a nocturnal species.
  3. They form harems during the reproductive period.

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