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Scientific Name:

Giraffa camelopardalis


Scatterly distributed in sub-Saharan African


Herbivore. Leaves and shoots from trees (mainly acacia).


Habitat: Savannah

Dimensions: height males 5.9m max, females 4.8m max

Weight: males 1930kg max, females 1180kg max

Gestation: 15 months, 1 young

Lifespan: ~25

Social structure: solitary or unstable groups of 10-20 individuals

Estimated population in the wild: 68,293

IUCN Status: Vunlerable

Threats: Habitat loss and illegal poaching.

Did you know that:

1.It is the tallest mammal on Earth, with 7 neck vertebrae ~30cm each.

2.Their heart weighs ~10kg & can reach 170 pulses to send blood ~3m up to the head.

3.They give birth standing up.  The ~100kg calf falls from ~2,5m with a high probability of dying due to the fall.

4.Their long blue tongue is prehensile to grab the leaves off branches

5.There are 9 giraffe subspecies. In our Park we host the Giraffa c. rothschildi with a population of 1.671 individuals in the wild, and Giraffa c. reticulata with a population of 8.661 individuals in the wild.



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