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Madagascar Day Gecko

Madagascar Day Gecko

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Scientific Name:

Phelsuma grandis




Wide variety of arthropods (insects and spiders) also sweet fruit and nectar


Habitat: Rainforest, plantations, house walls and roofs. (WAZA)


Incubation: 2 eggs, 47-82 days


Social structure:  Solitary


Weight: 60-70g 


Dimensions: 25cm


Lifespan: 15 under human care 


IUCN Status: Least concern


Estimated population in the wild: Common.


Threats:  Habitat modifications, pet trade.


Did you know that:

  1. A gecko can cling to virtually any surface and support its body mass with a single toe by using the millions of keratinous setae on its toe pads. Each seta branches into hundreds of 200-nm spatulae that make intimate contact with a variety of surface profiles.
  2. Male geckos can change color (get darker) when they are stressed or if they are ill.
  3. They do not have eye lids.
  4. Young are independent upon hatching.
  5. Geckos are the only type of lizards known to be able to make more than a simple hiss. One of their calls resemble the sound of a frog and is made by using their very large tongues to produce a clicking sound of the roofs of their mouths.

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