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African Grey Hornbill

African Grey Hornbill

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Scientific Name:

Tockus nasutus


Sub-Saharan African, Uganda down to N South Africa, SW Saudi Arabia, SW Saudi Arabia, W Yemen.


Fruits, seeds, buds, insects, snails and small animals such as mice, lizards, birds and frogs


Habitat:  Open savannahs, forest edges

Incubation: 24-26 days, 2-5 eggs

Social structure: pairs or flocks

Weight: 163-258gr

Dimensions:  45-51cm

Lifespan: ~15

Estimated population in the wild: common.

IUCN Status: Least Concern

Threats:  There are no major threat to this species.

Did you know that:

The nesting habits of Hornbills are unique. Τhe female seals herself in a tree cavity and leaves only a narrow slit through which the male will feed her and her chicks until they are nearly ready to fly away. This curious nesting behavior is a defense against predators such as snakes and martens.

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