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Greater Magellan Goose

Greater Magellan Goose

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Scientific Name:

Chloephaga picta


Argentina, Chile, Falkland Is.


Vegetarian. Leaves, grass, berries, seeds.


Habitat:  Dry pastures and arable land, coastal meadows.
Incubation: 30 days / 5-8 eggs
Social structure: Single pairs or loose groups
Weight: male 3560g max, female 3050g max
Dimensions: 60-72.5cm
Lifespan: 5-12
Estimated population in the wild: unknown, widespread and abundant
Threats: There are no major threats to this species.
IUCN Status: Least concern
Did you know that:

  1. The incubation is done by the female. The chicks leave the nest soon after hatching, but remain close to the parents and feed on insects and vegetation.
  2. Treated as pest and intensively persecuted by farmers and cattle breeders, 25,000 birds  were killed and 10,000 eggs were taken annually in the Falklands during 1975-1980.

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