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Grey Wolf

Grey Wolf

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Scientific Name:

Canis lupus


North America, Europe, Asia.


Carnivore. Large ungulates, livestock, carrion, garbage.


Habitat: Forests, tundra, taiga, plains, mountains

Weight:  male: ~41kg , female: ~31 kg

Dimensions: 1,5m

Gestation: 9 weeks, 1-11 young

Lifespan: 10 years

Social structure: packs of 5-36 individuals with an alpha pair and several other males and females.

Estimated population in the wild: stable

IUCN Status: Least concern

Threats: Killing them to protect livestock, reduction of natural prey and habitat fragmentation due to construction of closed highways

Did you know that:

Only the alpha male and female breed within the pack.
They can locate their prey from a distance of 3km only by smell.
They can hear the howling of another wolf from a distance of 10km.
The species in Greece is considered Vulnerable and its population is estimated at 700 animals.

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