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Hartlaubs turaco

Hartlaub's turaco

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Scientific Name:

Tauraco hartlaubi


Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda


Fruits and berries (some of which are extremely poisonous to humans) sometimes caterpillars, moths and beetles.


Habitat:  Montane evergreen forest , well-timbered suburban gardens  


Incubation: 16-18 days, 1-2 eggs

Social structure: forage in groups of up to 20 birds, monogamous pairs during breeding season 

Weight: max 270g

Dimensions:  max 43 cm

Lifespan: ~10

Estimated population in the wild: Unknown, fairly common.

IUCN Status: Least Concern

Threats:  There are no major threats for this species.

Did you know that:

  1. Their vivid plumage is a product of two unique copper pigments, unknown in any other bird family, or in any other animal group.
  2. Turacos are poor flyers but are expert climbers, skipping nimbly from branch to branch, and moving from tree to tree by gliding or with a few fast wing beats.

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