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Indian Crested Porcupine

Indian Crested Porcupine

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Scientific Name:

Hystrix indica


Turkey, throughout SW Asia to India


Grains roots, fruits and bones (as a source of calcium that helps their spines grow).


Habitat:  Highly adaptable to multiple environments, can be found in rocky hills (which they prefer), drylands, but also grasslands, forests and mountains such as the Himalayas.


Gestation: 118 days, 2-4 cubs.

Social structure: 1-5 ατόμα

Weight: 11-18kg

Dimensions: Length: 70 - 90cm

Estimated population in the wild: Unknown - common

Lifespan: ~20 years

Threats: They are considered agricultural pests by locals who trap and use them for food. IUCN Status: Least concern


Did you know that:

  1. When alarmed or attacked it will raise its quills and spines and attack backwards, causing severe injury and sometimes death of the enemy.
  2. They are mainly nocturnal. During the day they shelter in rocky caves.
  3. They chew on bones (source of calcium that helps their spines grow).
  4. They may look a little clumsy walking on the ground but they can climb on trees and swim.

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