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Cretan wild goat

Cretan wild goat

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Scientific Name:

Capra aegagrus cretica


Crete and some small adjacent islands.


Herbivore. Leaves of shrubs and trees, grasses.


Habitat: Steep mountainous regions

Dimensions: 1,29 -1,52μ, ύψος 55-90εκ

Weight: male 45-90kg, female 25-55kg

Gestation: 150-160 days, 1-2 young

Lifespan: ~22 years

Social structure: groups of 5-25 members with one male and several females with their calves.

Estimated population in Greece: <1.000

IUCN Status in Greece: Endangered

Threats: Hybridization and poaching.

Did you know that:

It is a species endemic to Crete where we find it in the mountains of Lefka Ori and some adjacent islands. It has also been introduced in some other areas of Greece such as Parnitha National Park. The Cretan Wild Goat was introduced from Asia to Crete during the Neolithic period and interbred with domestic goats. However, it maintains the characteristics of its Asian relatives to a high degree.

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