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Persian Leopard

Persian Leopard

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Scientific Name:

Panthera pardus saxicolor


N Iran and S Turkmenistan, east including Afghanistan.


Carnivorous. Wild goats, wild boar and wild sheep.


Habitat: remote mountainous areas up to an altitude of 3,200m.


Gestation: 90-105 days, 1-4 cubs.

Social structure: solitary, but male will sometimes remain with the female for short periods after mating.

Weight: up to 70kg

Dimensions: Length: up to 191 cm, tail: up to 110cm

Estimated population in the wild: 871-1290

Lifespan: 20 years in the wild

Threats: ever-increasing fragmentation and isolation, deforestation and overgrazing of their habitat, prey reduction from poaching, conflict with livestock owners, disturbance by heavy military presence, hunting as trophies or for the fur trade.

IUCN Status: Endangered


Did you know that:

  1. They define their territories with various ways such as ground scraping, urine spraying or tree scratching.
  2. They can run up to 60 km/hour, jump more than 6 m horizontally and 3 m vertically.
  3. In the absence of larger predators, they are less nocturnal.

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