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Barbary macaque

Barbary macaque

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Scientific Name:

Macaca sylvanus


Algeria, Morocco, Gibraltar.


Omnivore. Leaves, fruits, rhizomes, seeds, lichen, acorns, conifer seeds, fungi, occasionally invertebrates.


Habitat: Oak and cedar forests, cliffs.

Dimensions: 63cm max

Weight: males 14.5kg max, females 9kg max

Gestation: 165 days, 1 young

Lifespan: ~22

Social structure: Polygamous multi-sex groups of 12-88 individuals

Estimated population in the wild: 6,000-10,000

IUCN Status: Endangered

Threats: Habitat loss and degradation, illegal live trade, persecution / conflicts with humans, predation by dogs, unhealthy feeding from tourists.

Did you know that:

Females mate with all male members of the troop, so males can never be sure of paternity. For this reason males  take care of one or more offspring in order to ensure that their own will survive. Taking good care of the young makes them also more attractive to the females.

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