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Black cockatoo

Black cockatoo

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Scientific Name:

Probosciger atterimus


Australia, New Guinea.


Mainly frugivore. Seeds, fruits, nuts, berries and buds.


Habitat: Various forest types, dense savannah.


Incubation: 33 days / 1 egg


Social structure: 1-30 birds


Weight:  550-1000gr


Dimensions: (64cm max)


Lifespan: (~56 under human care)


Estimated population in the wild: (not quantified)


Threats: Hunting for food and the pet trade, habitat loss due to logging and fires.


IUCN Status: Least Concern


Did you know that:

  1. Their cheek skin changes color with mood and health (pink/beige when stressed, yellow when excited, deep red when mating etc).
  2. In rainy conditions they can be found hanging upside down with their wings and tails stretched out, as if taking a bath.
  3. Their mouth is never completely closed due to their beak morphology. 

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