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Black Swan

Black Swan

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Scientific Name:

Cygnus atratus


Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand


Herbivore - aquatic plants and algae


Habitat: big lakes, lagoons, wetlands, rivers and sometimes along the coasts.

Incubation: 35-48 days / 5-7 eggs

Social structure: pairs or colonies (2 - thousands individuals)

Weight: male max: 8.7kg, female max: 7.2kg

Dimensions: max 140cm,  wing span: max 2m

Lifespan: 40


Estimated population in the wild: 100,000-1,000,000


Threats: there are no substantial threats for this species.

IUCN Status: least concern

Did you know that:

  1. It is the only swan in which male participates in incubation, permitting female to save energy, in order to breed again more quickly.
  2. While the black swan has mostly black plumage, its outer primary and secondary feathers are white.
  3. During the annual moult after the breeding season, the white wing feathers are shed, leaving the black swan unable to fly for about a month.
  4. Like other swans it is largely monogamous, usually pairing for life. If one bird of the pair dies, the other will usually not attempt to find another mate.
  5. The black swan is the state emblem of Western Australia, and appears on the state flag

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