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Military macaw

Military macaw

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Scientific Name:

Ara militaris


Fragmented range from Mexico to Argentina


Seeds, nuts, berries, fruits.


Habitat: Wide range of humid and dry forest types.

Incubation: 23-27 days / 2-3 eggs

Social structure: Pairs or small flocks of up to 10 birds

Weight: 972-1134g

Dimensions: 71cm, wing span 99-110cm

Lifespan: 60

Estimated population in the wild: 2.000-7.000

Threats: Habitat loss, domestic wild bird trade (particularly in Mexico and Bolivia).

IUCN Status: Vulnerable

Did you know that:

  1. Military macaws have an important role in spreading seeds for the plants, fruits and berries that they eat.
  2. A macaw's pattern of feathers on its face is like a human's fingerprint: no two have the same pattern
  3. Like many birds, they are able to see colors in the ultraviolet spectrum, which means that they can see colors that humans cannot.

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