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Lesser White Fronted Goose

Lesser White Fronted Goose

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Scientific Name:

Anser erythropus


Arctic Eurasia from Norway to E Siberia. Winters from C & SE Europe E to Iran and in C China, Korea and Japan.


Vegetarian - green parts of grasses, plants and small bushes.


Habitat: breeds in scrub-covered and lightly wooded tundra and mountain lakes. Winters in salt steppes, salt marshes, farmlands.

Incubation: 25-28 days / 4-6 eggs

Social structure: groups of 5-50 pairs, occasionally up to 150 pairs.

Weight: male max 2,3kg, female max 2,1kg

Dimensions: max 66cm wing span: max 135cm

Lifespan: max 25 under human care

Estimated population in the wild: 16,000-27,000

Threats: Hunting, disturbance by humans, habitat destruction.

IUCN status: Vulnerable

Did you know that:

  1. It is the rarest goose species in Europe. Since the 1940 its population has declined by 90%!
  2. In the S. Balkans it winters mainly in Greece where we can find it mostly in the Evros delta and Kerkini and Mitrιkou lakes in groups that do not exceed 45-50 individuals.

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