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Nile crocodile

Nile crocodile

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Scientific Name:

Crocodylus niloticus


Sub-Saharan African, Madagascar.


Carnivore. 70% fish, also large mammals like zebras, porcupines, hippos etc, birds and turtles.


Habitat: Rivers, freshwater marshes, estuaries, and mangrove swamps


Incubation: ~60 eggs, 90 days incubation


Social structure: Social or solitary


Weight: 1000kg max


Dimensions: 3.5-6m max


Lifespan: 43.8 - 56 max in human care


IUCN Status: Least concern


Estimated population in the wild: 250-500 thousands


Threats: Killing as predator or for its skin, habitat loss, climate change.


Did you know that:

  1. Sex of the offspring is determined by the temperature at which the eggs are incubated, with females produced < 31°C, and males at >31- 34° C
  2. When about to hatch, the young make a “peeping” noise, which encourages the female to excavate the nest. The female then gathers the hatchlings in her mouth and transports them to the water, where they remain under her protection for several months.
  3. Crocodiles don't sweat. To keep cool, they open their mouths.
  4. Crocodilian tears are real, but have nothing to do with emotions. They serve to clean the eyes and keep them hydrated.
  5. The eyes, ears and nostrils are located on top of the head, allowing the crocodile to lie low in the water, almost totally submerged and hidden from their prey.

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