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Orange Headed Thrush

Orange Headed Thrush

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Scientific Name:

Geokichla citrina


Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia


Omnivore - Insects (including termites), earthworms, leeches, slugs, snails, berries, fruit (especially figs), grass seed.


Habitat:  Moist deciduous and evergreen forest, bamboo thickets, plantations.

Incubation: 13-14 days, 3-4 eggs

Social structure: Solitary or in pairs

Weight: 47-67g

Dimensions:  20-23cm

Lifespan: 20 under human care

Estimated population in the wild: Locally common

IUCN Status: Least concern

Threats:  Trapping for the cage-bird trade, continuing forest loss.

Did you know that:

It is a generally shy species that is said to be crepuscular and “a bird of deep shade” 

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