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Monk Parakeet

Monk Parakeet

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Scientific Name:

Myiopsitta monachus


South America


Mainly herbivorous. i.e., seeds , herbs and parts of trees. Also fruits, berries, leaf buds, blossoms and insects.


Habitat: Dry semi-open lowland, savannah woodland, palm groves and orchards


Incubation: 24 days, eggs 1–11 (usually 5-7)

Social Structure: Very social, spending their whole lives living in colonies of dozens of individuals. These long-lived birds form socially monogamous pairs

Weight:  90–140g

Dimensions: 28–29cm

Population: Not quantified

Lifespan: 20-30 years

Threats: International pet trade, persecuted as agricultural pest

Status IUCN:  Least Concern

Did you know that:

  1. The Monk Parakeet is the only parrot that builds a stick nest rather than using a hole in a tree.
  2. Monk parakeets often breed colonially and build a single large nest with multiple entrances for each pair.
  3. In the wild these colonies can become quite large, with nests that can reach the size of a small car.

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