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Papuan Hornbill

Papuan Hornbill

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Scientific Name:

Rhyticeros plicatus


Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands


Mainy frugivore. Fruits, ficus flowers, crabs, bee honeycomb.


Habitat:  Evergreen riverine forests

Incubation: 29-40 days / 1-2 eggs

Social structure: pairs or small or large flocks of up to 45 individuals

Weight: 2kg max

Dimensions: 65-85cm

Lifespan: 40-45 under human care

Estimated population in the wild: common

Threats: Habitat destruction and hunting for food and as a trophy.

IUCN Status: Least concern

Did you know that:
They sometimes eat soil. This is known as geophagy and may possibly be carried out to bind the poisonous or bitter tasting substances that are found in many fruits and seeds that the hornbill consumes, thus allowing it to digest these otherwise nutritious plant parts.

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