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Red-tailed Amazon

Red-tailed Amazon

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Scientific Name:

Amazona braziliensis


SΕ Brazil


Mainly frugivore. Fruit and seeds, flowers, nectar, occasionally invertebrates such as beetle larvae and small spiders.


Habitat: Mangroves and littoral forests

Incubation: 27-28 days / 3-4 eggs

Social structure: Pairs or flocks

Weight: 425gr

Dimensions: 37cm

Lifespan: ~50

Estimated population in the wild: 4.000 - 5.500

Threats: extensive poaching for the pet trade and habitat loss.

IUCN Status: Vulnerable

Did you know that: Red-tailed amazons play a vital role in seed dispersal via their droppings as they migrate. This helps create and maintain biodiversity in their habitat.

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