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Reeves Pheasant

Reeve's Pheasant

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Scientific Name:

Syrmaticus reevesii


C China


Omnivore. Legumes, acorns, seeds, buds, tubers, radishes, wild persimmons, larvae and adult insects.


Habitat: Evergreen, deciduous or mixed coniferous forests, areas of long grass and bushes.

Incubation: 24-25 days / 6-9 eggs

Social structure: Groups of  6-21 birds.

Weight: male 1530g, female 950g

Dimensions: male 210cm, female 150cm

Lifespan:  9,2 max 

Estimated population in the wild: 3,500-15,000

Threats:  Continuing deforestation which is reducing and fragmenting their habitat, hunting for food, collection of their eggs.

IUCN Status: Vulnerable.

Did you know that:

  1. They have the longest tail of all birds, reaching 160cm or exceptionally 200cm in oldest males.
  2.  In the past they were hunted for their long tail feathers, which were used as a decoration in the Peking opera costumes, but plastic feathers are increasingly being used for this purpose.

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