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Shetland pony

Shetland pony

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Scientific Name:

Equus caballus caballus shetland


Shetland isles, Scotland


Ηerbivorous. Grass, leaves, lucerne, oat, barley.


Habitat:  Grasslands

Gestation: 11 months, 1 foal.

Social structure: 1 stallion several mares

Weight: 180-200kg.

Dimensions: height: 70-110cm

Estimated population in the wild: unknown

Lifespan: ~30

Threats: There are no threats recorded for this breed. They are widely bred all over the world.

IUCN Status: Not evaluated

Did you know that:
The Shetland pony is probably the strongest horse relative to its size.
Because of its small size, it was used in the past in coal mines in the UK.
It is now found all over the world as a domesticated horse.

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