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Skyrian horse

Skyrian horse

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Scientific Name:

Equus caballus skyrianus


Island of Skyros, in Greece.


Ηerbivorous. Grass, leaves, lucerne, oat, barley.


Habitat:  Rocky bushland

Gestation: 11 months, 1 foal.

Social structure: 1 stallion several mares

Weight: ~150kg.

Dimensions: height 90-115cm

Estimated population in the wild: 187

Lifespan: ~25

Threats: Inbreeding, grazing competition with goats and sheep.

IUCN Status: Not evaluated

Did you know that:
It is one of the rarest horse breeds in the world. It is native to Greece and in ancient times lived throughout the country. They are considered a descendant of the horses that Achilles took with him to Troy, and linked to the horses of Alexander the Great and those shown as participating in the Panathinea procession depicted on the Parthenon's Frieze.

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